Coro Cybersecurity Public API (v1)

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This is the Coro Cybersecurity platform API specification refence.

This section provides a complete reference listing for the Coro Cybersecurity REST API resource model.

About the resource reference

This reference lists all the resources available through the Coro REST API.

Each section relates to a specific resource and provides its name, description, unique URI path, and the list of operations you can perform on it.

For each operation, you can find:

  • A complete description of the action
  • Request parameters
  • A list of potential responses
  • Security (authentication) requirements

The portal also provides code samples and examples for making requests in a number of programming languages, together with samples of the possible response bodies.

In addition to this, Coro provides a Try It feature where you can interact with the API directly through the portal. To use Try It, you'll need to first obtain Client ID and Secret credentials; for more information, see Authentication.


This is the resource for Coro usage.

Use this resource to obtain information about usage